8 Types Of Relatable Students And How They Study

Exams are just a couple of days away and everyone is super busy cramming a whole semester’s work in 5 Days.

Everyone has a method of studying. At this point, we all know which one favours us more and which ones don’t.  If you still don’t know, take a look and tell us which one of these people you are!

1. THE UNDISTRACTABLES: These ones have taught themselves how to read in spite of the noise around. If a live band comes to perform while they read, they keep going and may understand even better. This sometimes makes them unable to read when the place is quiet; take them to the library or reading room to read and it’s siesta time.

2. R.O.B.O: These ones are the full definitions of Rock Out with your Books Out. Before they settle down to read they have to set the mood with good music. They usually have a study playlist so when you see them in the reading room, they have an earpiece on and when you pass by their room this exam period, they are the only ones playing music on the whole floor.

3. THE SILENCERS: If everywhere is not absolutely quiet, these ones can’t read. They rush to either the reading room or the library to ensure no one breaks their concentration. If you sit next to them in the reading room and you talk or move your chair loudly, the venom in the looks they give you would make you quietly pack up your stuff and get to safety.

4. PANIC ATTACK GANG: For these people, exam period is as good a time as any to remember all their problems. The most prominent thought running through their head is what if: what if this part doesn’t come, what if the lecturer mafias us, what if I get a resit and can’t graduate, what if the person beside me is too far away and I can’t copy.

5. TOGETHER-WE-STAND GANG: If they don’t attend group meetings or group discussions they may fail. During the exam period, they are content to travel from diaspora to campus and vice versa by any means (including walking) for group meetings because somehow, they understand better when someone else explains it. Weeks or days before the exam you find them seriously looking for study groups to join.

6. THE FLIGHTY ONE: These ones are willing to read but can’t seem to pay attention. They have about 20 books open in front of them but they are on their phones texting. Every time they convince themselves that it’s time to read they suddenly remember a novel they didn’t finish or that the series they’re watching has released a new episode. You usually find them trying to read everything the night before the paper.

7. THE MOUTH MOVERS: These ones can’t read without some type of snack accompanying them. While packing their books to go and read, they also pack a lot of snacks to eat as they read and the moment they are out of snacks, reading time is over. After the exams, you usually find empty biscuit, chips or toffee wraps and even empty drink bottles under their beds or around their study table.

8. WAGWAN GANG: These ones won’t let exams kill them. While others are panicking because exams are a few days away and they need more time to read, this gang is relaxed and carry on with their chilling, because their motto is “you can always read it the night before and if you were meant to fail there’s nothing you can do about it”.

Which one are you?

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