Shifa: Ghana’s Representative At The US Scripps National Spelling Bee Progresses To The Next Stage

Shifa Amankwa-Gabbey, Spelling Bee

Ghana to the world link up.

It’s all about the 12-year-old Kuulpeep, Shifa Amankwa-Gabbey who is the reigning Ghana Spelling Bee Champion.

She is currently in the United States of America representing Ghana in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition.

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Shifa has progressed to the next stage of the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition by correctly spelling “pleurodynia”.

Pleurodynia is a severe pain in the muscles between the ribs or in the diaphragm.

She won the spelling bee in Ghana by spelling the word “Wamara” correctly.

Sometimes called Guyana Rosewood for its lustrous, dense, and colourful wood, Wamara is a type of wood that is commonly used to make fine furniture and cabinetry, parquet flooring, turnings. It is mostly found in South and Central America.

Keep going, Shifa.

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