Here Is How To Properly Organize A Fashion Show

The basic reason why the fashion events/shows must be memorable is because the fashion world is always changing, not only do the designers have to constantly bring forth trendy and cutting-edge designs to captivate the audience, the event planners also need to be as innovative as possible in order to bring something refreshing to the audience.

The initial stages of organizing a fashion show can be a bittersweet feeling; you will be anxious as to how the show will turn out, if people will show up etc, but also the excitement of creating the concept, brainstorming and having your creative juices flow is amazing.

If you are planning or organizing a fashion show and are intimidated; don’t worry, we got you covered; here are some steps to follow to help you plan the perfect fashion show

Select a Venue

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For fashion shows, venue selection happens to be one of the most important tasks. You need a place that can hold a big audience. You can take into account community centres, children’s parks, local theatres, schools and other similar venues in this case. If you cannot locate a proper venue, you can simply use a stage with a runway.

Arrange for Entertainment

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Food and Drinks for the Audience – This is as important as selecting the right venue. You should plan refreshments and exciting entertainment for the audience so that the event turns out to be successful from every angle for the designer. You should stay away from food choices that can end up staining the teeth or dresses. It is always wiser to stick to lighter coloured drinks because of that. For brand promotion of the designer, you can also include customized treats or cocktail napkins with the logo of the company if the budget permits.


Selection of Models

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Selection of models is an essential part of any fashion show, this is why you must select them carefully. You should choose people who can draw the crowd attention and embody the designs. You should pick up models who may not have the perfect figure but have an edge in their presentation. Go for variety and try intermixing thick, thin, short, tall, tattooed, traditional, long haired or short haired models. This way you are offering diversity to the crowd.


Dress Rehearsal 

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This is one of the most vital events before the big show. Ensure that there is no wardrobe malfunction as that can take a toll on the reputation of the designer. You should check if the models are feeling uncomfortable in looks assigned to them. That is why it is always a good idea to make the models go for stage rehearsal for taking note and correcting all potential pitfalls.

Advertise the Show

Lastly, you have to understand that without an audience you won’t be able to organize a fashion show. If you want to fill the venue you have to make more people know about it. Advertise the show everywhere possible, especially social media so that you can spread the word and bring in more people for the fashion show.


The above are some of the tips suggested for hosting a super-successful fashion event without any need to break the bank. Now that you know them, ensure that you stick to them so that your event becomes the talk of the town and remains etched in the minds of the attendees that they can cherish for a long time to come.

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