Final Year Students! The Battle Has Ended; Here’s A Speech To Let Out All Those Emotions

Hi Final Year students, we took the liberty to sneak into your minds and…

Here’s the goodbye speech you deserve. Take the liberty to grab a tissue cos the waterworks will come through!

Remember when you first applied to the university? Remember when you first got your admission letter? Remember the shopping and packing up? That first day on campus as a level 100 student? The moving in, the seeing new places? Feeling like you were finally on the path to achieving your dreams? Remember the matriculation and the photoshoots?

Good times right? But hey, we know there were stresses associated with all that.
The running around searching for lecture halls hits the hardest. Course registration and then the assignments and IAs and all the issues with ID cards. Let’s not go to the taxi and shuttle fares.

But all that is past now. Now, we can say…

“Mama, we made it!!!”

The four-year race is finally over, eight laps have been crossed, exams, reports, IAs, group works and the almighty project work. But you pulled through! Even though, sadly, not everyone that started the race ended with us.

Therefore, we are obliged to make the best of what we have with the time we have because the last regret we should have is the failure to try something new and the failure to experience something new cause let’s face it, we are not getting any younger!

We need to urge ourselves to embrace positivity. Our experiences and choices have shaped us into who we are and dwelling on the negativity won’t take us to the path we have planned for ourselves.
So, let’s make a promise to live our lives to the best of our abilities for this is not the end but just the beginning.
Life is tough, no lie about that, but we are tougher.

We are no longer the future, we are the present.
As we leave this stage in life, let’s make wild and ace all other stages…

Like the kuulpeeps we are!!

Lezzzz go!


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