5 Things You Need To Know About African Union Day

Each year, Ghana (and other parts of Africa) enjoy a holiday on the 25th day of May. However, most people do not have an idea of the reason for the holiday.

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These are a few things you need to know about Africa Day.

1. African Day is the annual commemoration of May 25, 1963 founding of the Organization of African Union.

2. On this day in 1963, a total of 30 Independent African countries met in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to sign a charter to start OAU.

3. In 2002 the OAU established its own successor, the African Union. However, the name and date of Africa Day has been retained and is commemorated every year in various parts of Africa.

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4. Currently, the organization has a membership of 53 countries that meet to address the challenges Africa faces such as climate change, armed conflict and poverty.

5. Every year African leaders meet on this day to see the way forward for the African continent. This year, South Africa will host Africa as they mark 22 years of being a member of the Union.

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