You Are Done With Four Years In The University. Now What Next?

why your parents must know if yuou arent graduating

Finally, you have made it out of these four long frustrating and yet fun years of your life. You might have had various experiences along the line. Some good, some bad and you have learnt all the lessons that you need to learn.

You might have lost a few good friends on the way and probably gained new ones too but hey life goes on right?

You are probably wondering what next now that you finished school. Yes we know there is national service but until then what will you be doing?

Thinking?? Well hold that thought and take a look at some suggestions that we think might help you out.

Look For A Part-Time Job

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The extra cash might come in handy at some point. It is a much better option than sitting at home and doing nothing and spending the little savings you have on unnecessary things. You can also use that platform as a testing phase to prepare for your national service especially if you have never done an internship before. Get the chance to learn the basic etiquettes of a workplace before you move into the real world.

Learn something new

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You can spend the time learning something new that can go a long way to even become a side business. You can take cooking classes, learn how to make wigs, bake, play an instrument and the list can go on and on

Sign up for a Grad program

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Some organizations run training programs for students who recently graduated. So depending on what you studied, if you happen to come across any of these training programs and they fall in line with what you studied you can sign up and attend them.

Apply for your Masters

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If you have the need to quickly go back to school for your masters you can use this period to find out all you need to know about the school you want to attend, the course you want to do and all that. If you have plans of schooling abroad then you definitely need to start now because those processes take forever and you need to even write your GRE, GMAT, IELTS or whatever exam is it you need to write.

Visit your friends and family


Take time to visit all your family members that you haven’t seen since you started Senior High School (oh please we both know it’s true). All of these people keep asking about you during family gatherings and the same anthem has been sung all these years; you are in school. Now the school is over, look sharp and visit them so that you don’t have to say goodbyes at an unfortunate time.

Go for networking events

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Networking is a skill that most people shy away from, forget how important it is, or don’t have much experience with at all. Now that you are done with school you cannot afford to miss such sessions because they are very important. You get to meet people who can help you now or later in life. By interacting you also get to learn from their past experiences and their success stories. You are able to make informed choices about your career and your life in general based on what you learn during these sessions.

Explore your City or Travel 

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You may think you know every nook and cranny in your neighbourhood just because you grew up there but you will be surprised to know that there are places that you do not know. Go on road trips. There are beautiful places in Ghana that you have never been to but you have only heard of. Take the time and see all the tourist attractions that we have. If you have the means to go outside the country why not. You can go globetrotting.


Go for concerts and fun events

ghana meets naija

The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards has ended. Sorry if you couldn’t make it because you didn’t school in Accra. Now that you are home there is Ghana Meets Naija around the corner. Tidal Rave will also be coming up pretty soon. Anything else we might have missed?? It’s been four long years. You need to unwind and chill because the journey ahead of you is TOUGH. We won’t even lie.

Volunteer in a community service project

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While you are at home you can make yourself useful to society. There are a lot of young people with amazing solutions to societal problems that you can be a part of. We can mention that of Okuntakinte. There’s even that of Caritas Aryee (Kenkey For the Needy). Be a blessing to someone. Be the reason why others will smile and probably have a good night sleep.

Spend time with yourself

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Most importantly spend time knowing and understanding yourself. You have just closed one chapter of your life. You are about to open another one and this one actually pretty much determines what the end result of your life will be. You need to take some time out to have a plan as to the what the journey of your life will be looking like from now onwards and the processes you want to go through to make it successfully.

Spend this period doing new things you’ve never done and plan as much as you can for this next journey of your life.

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