5 Lessons Of Life You Learn Only After Graduation

On graduation day, you are going to slay that dress or that suit and you are going to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for killing the four years and finally graduating.

But hold up.

Within the four walls of your university you might have been an adult but the real process of adulting starts when you step out of your comfort zone and you realize you are just a lamb in the jungle called life.

Here some of the things that you will learn when you walk out of campus into the real world.

All Will Not Be Perfect Like You Planned

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Unless you are extremely lucky or you have some really tight links, your life will not turn out like the way you planned it at all. Getting that perfect National Service placement, getting maintained after NSS, earning that fat salary with all allowances inclusive, driving the brand new car, getting married and starting a family early, living in that plush apartment at that exclusive part of town. It will all not happen like that. You will be posted to a village for NSS, you will pay 100 people to have your placement changed, your girlfriend will break up with you because your GHS559 cannot meet her demands anymore. All of that is going to happen so brace yourself for it.

Always ask for help

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Graduating from the university doesn’t mean you are Bruce Almighty and therefore you are beyond asking people for help. Whenever you don’t understand something ask the nearest person for help. It is actually at this point in your life that you need all the help and mentoring you can get. If you don’t get off your high horse, you will end up in an unending pool of trouble.

Your finances will be properly managed

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You will definitely learn how to manage the little money you are receiving because there will be no more handouts to buy for you to inflate the prices. Going out continuously to town will become more difficult by the day. If you live with your parents, at least you won’t have the burden of utility bills and rent. However, if you live alone, we honestly don’t want to be in your shoes. It will definitely be difficult but it is up to you to be smart about your expenses and you will survive.

Your health must be Priority

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You need to relook at your eating habits. The late-night indomie and coke, pizza and ice cream, the fried yam and sausage and even the fried egg and bread (Chibom). It must all come to an end. At this point, you cannot be feeding your body with all that. You need to take extra care of yourself because what you eat will go along way to affect you.

You won’t be accepted as an adult just because you are 18+

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You might be over 18 and have finished university but trust me the world is not going to kowtow to you just because you believe you are an adult.  It’s going to take more than just a number to prove to the world that you actually belong in the adult circles. You need to be confident, have a good attitude, always be ready to take criticism in good faith and always eager to learn.

There is only so much that you can learn about adulthood while confined to the four walls of your university. It’s only when you graduate and start living on your own that you’ll begin to develop the “adulting” skills that will help you succeed.

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