Jonathan Agyei-Peprah: The Bruce Wayne Version Of Ghanaian Artist Who Is Selling His Art To Help Children

Jonathan Agyei-Peprah

Every now and then we meet Kuulpeeps who just bost our minds, win our heart and make us want to do more to give back to society.

One of those Kuulpeeps is artist, Jonathan Agyei-Peprah who is rumoured to be Batman… we can’t confirm or deny that…charley.

But he has been described as the Bruce Wayne with the art. Jonathan is a Ghanaian Graphic Designer who is driven by passion and inspired by good music (definitely our kind of person). He works on Branding and Illustrations as well.

As the amazing person Jonathan is, he decided to sell his art and use the proceeds to help kids.

That thought has come to pass.

Beautiful pieces of artworks from Jonathan are now available for sale.

Jonathan Agyei-Peprah, Art, Biggie

This 12 x 16 inches piece of artwork pays homage to the late American rapper Christopher Latore Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls. The golden crown and white eyes in this work of art portray his reign as the King of New York, and of hip-hop, even after his death. It is selling for GHS 150 on ARTEMARTIS, an unparalleled art shop.

Jonathan Agyei-Peprah, Art, Cole

In this piece, Jonathan celebrates the brilliance of Jermaine Lamarr Cole (J. Cole), a Hip-hop recording artist and producer whose music has positively influenced and inspired millions around the globe. This is selling for GHS 150 on ARTEMARTIS, an unparalleled art shop.

The proceeds will go to Creative Learners Group, a school founded by Nina-Nora Naa Tsotsoo Okpoti, which aims to help children identify and grow their talents and skills.

He wants children who love art to pursue their dreams in any field they deem fit and he’s doing his part to make their dreams come true.

Check Jonathan out on Twitter: jaPepraH and Instagram: jaPepraH and fall in love with him…

His art we mean…

We are compelled to inform you that Jonathan’s art is inspired by boredom and chaotic scribbles.

If you’re into that sort of thing… he is your guy.

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