Why You Should Stop Looking On Social Media For Fitness Inspiration


It is very ok if you look at the achievements of others to set your own goals that you can achieve.

It is also very acceptable to try to emulate what someone has already done to even do better for yourself.

What is clearly unacceptable is to copy blindly what someone has done to the letter especially when it comes to your health. Have you ever wondered why two people can have the same ailment and yet different treatments?

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It is the same with dieting and trying to lose weight. We know you might have followed a 100 accounts on social media that talk about how to lose weight and the diet you should follow.

There are some that will sell you the ridiculous idea of being able to lose some amount of weight in some number of days. We are definitely sure you have tried all that alongside the other concoctions that you have been drinking.

But the question remains; were you able to lose the weight?

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If you did lose the weight, were you able to maintain it?

What you should know first of all is, fitness is a long journey, therefore, you need to be prepared physically, mentally and psychologically to embark on it.

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After that, you need to know your body type enough to know the type of exercise routines that will work for you. Else you will end up not losing any weight and be building muscle when you should be doing vice versa.

When it comes to your diet, you will have to see a certified dietician who will be able to make a tailored menu for your weight and BMI. Weight loss is made up of 80% diet and 20% exercise. What you eat determines your weight by a higher margin.

It just means that all the farce concoctions and weird mixtures do not help your metabolism in any way especially when you have no idea about portions of whatever it is you are drinking.

Visiting a dietician might sound like a “bougee” thing to do but you are assured of accurate information and you know you are making an informed and genuine choice.

No one is saying you shouldn’t follow fitness accounts on social media but when you do, beware of what is real and what isn’t.

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If something beats your imagination ask any professional about it and seek the right answers at the right places.

Enjoy your fitness journey!


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