This Young Student Entrepreneur Is Acing Both His Studies And His Business Simultaneously

halid sneaks

Almost everyone is in business because they have a passion they want to grow.

Most of the time we hear about how people have hustled their way to their current positions but how many of them do we know?

Have we taken time to find out what exactly their story is or we judge them based on hearsay?

Meet Halid Mohammed Yakubu, a B.A Political Science student from the University of Ghana and CEO of  HalidSneaks who has and is still “hustling” his way to the top.

halid sneaks

Kuulpeeps: What was the big idea behind your business?

HalidSneaks: Growing up in Madina was a little tough because I am not from a rich home so the initial idea for setting up the business was based on supporting my family and basically surviving. The passion for doing strict business came later. It started with buying and selling from Kantamanto (Accra). I did that for years and kept saving till I got connections abroad and started shipping my own stuff from Vietnam, China and other places. Social media has always been supportive, Instagram and Facebook especially. I was constantly posting pictures of my merchandise from the very beginning and a lot of people reached out to me so I decided to add a delivery service so my customers can receive their goods in the comfort of their homes.

Kuulpeeps: At which point did you decide that your business must move from just survival to doing actual business?

HalidSneaks: This was when various celebs and popular people started reaching out to me and patronising my services. At that point too it was all about selling the sneakers until I met Gemini who talked me into adding styling to my job.

halid sneaks

Kuulpeeps: Who are some of the celebs you have worked with?

HalidSneaks: Gemini, Samini, Kinaata, Ayigbe Edem, Bisa K.dei, Trigmatic, Kwesi Arthur, B4Bonah, Donzy, D.Cryme and many more. I’ve styled all these artists for music videos, performances and other shows. And these are not just sneakers. I have styled them from head to toe. I also style models for their runways and personal photoshoots too. I also just styled a model for the Kuulpeeps May Lookbook.

Kuulpeeps: How do you juggle school and business?

HalidSneaks: I have workers who handle the sale of sneakers and deliveries for me so it has taken some of the load off. I’m only active with the styling of artists. If I have a class at the same time of a shoot, I make the clothes ready for the artists the night before so after my class, I quickly rush on set and later that night I make sure I read before going to bed. If it is a night time shoot too, I go for lectures and also read during the day and later leave for work that night

halid sneaks

Kuulpeeps: Do you want to go into full-time styling in the near future and leave the sales?

HalidSneaks: No I will do both

Kuulpeeps: Who are the stylists you look up to?

HalidSneaks: Kanye West, Kulaperry and Bernadow

halid sneaks

Kuulpeeps: Are your prices pocket-friendly? Lol

HalidSneaks: Hahahahah.. very very. “Street price” as we call it

Kuulpeeps: What are your social media handles, in case someone wants to patronize your services?

HalidSneaks: @Halidsneaks on Instagram and @Halidsneaks on Facebook

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