Legon: Two University Of Ghana Halls Have Engaged In Another Stone Fight

Things vandals didnt know about themselves

Imagine you drag yourself out of bed in this really great weather to the library to study then just when you’re returning, tired and hungry, you see stones flying about so you have to get in touch with your inner Flash.

Tragic right?

Well just a couple of minutes ago, Vandals and Okpomates (again…) engaged in a messy battle in the streets of Legon, disrupting the peace and calm of the university community again.

Kuulpeeps source says the Vandals were on their usual pre-examination procession where they beat ‘Dr Mfodwo’ to destress and signify their victory over exams.

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It’s a pretty great tradition and a large number of Commonwealth hall members took part in it.

Now, as they moved, chanting and singing, drawing people out of their rooms to watch them, members of Sarbah Hall also came out.

It is believed they did that to see if the Vandals will cross the boundary they set for them, protecting their territory, we guess.

Naturally, the tension was palpable as the Okpomates stood around watching while the Vandals also continued with their charging.

Our source says Okpomates clearly started the fight by throwing stones at their rivals. The Vandals ignored them perhaps because the SRC Vice President-elect, Adom was around doing all he could to prevent the situation from escalating.

Looks like the short fuse of the Vandals blew and they engaged in a very rigorous stone throwing match in the streets.

Passers-by, as usual, had to flee from the scene to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

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