Setting Trends: Ecobank Pay Just Digitized The Legon Night Market

Ecobank Mobile App

We introduce to you EcobankPay, the digital payment solution from Ecobank which is breaking barriers and setting trends wherever it finds itself.

As one of the most trusted payment solutions in Africa and the world, EcobankPay is simplifying payments and giving people the opportunity to live their best lives.

The world is changing at a very fast pace and transactions are becoming cashless by the day. EcobankPay is leading the informal sector to embrace this bold new digital world.

For a couple of weeks now, vendors at the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology have been set up to accept payment through the mobile payment platform.

Students who shop at these vendors are able to pay for their goods electronically via the Ecobank Mobile app and enjoy periodic discounts for doing so as well.

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There is no restriction here, students can use the Ecobank Mobile app to buy anything including but not limited to paying for a haircut, pastries, coffee and fresh tomatoes.

They can also use the Ecobank Mobile app to pay for their tickets as they try to win some money from the National Lottery Authority shops located on campus.

Ecobank has truly opened up the bracket of people who can engage in electronic transactions.

For little to no cost, merchants are able to start accepting payments from customers and do not have to worry about machinery, power or data. Registration is simplified and all can enjoy these awesome benefits as a trader or business entity.

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This bold step from Ecobank to introduce electronic payments to vendors in the informal sector is nothing less of a digital revolution.

Here are the amazing University of Ghana vendors who have pioneered the acceptance of digital payments in the informal sector:

Are you a student? Download the Ecobank Mobile App and stay calm as they bost your mind with amazing offers.

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