Heavenly Peace: What Beef? Card B And Nicki Minaj Spotted Together At The Met Gala

As we know the Met Gala is the place for controversies, and this year was no exception…

Guys!! It looks as if the two Queens of rap have made up!! or were they even beefing at all? hmmm..

Last night at the Met Gala the two Queens of Rap Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were photographed together!!  And they even posed for a selfie!! This is Major !! especially with rumours flying around that they are beefing.

It looks like Nicki is explaining something to Cardi, and Jeremy Scott is looking nervous ‘like please let us all get along’.

“Aww, you really love my album thank you!!! ” says Cardi B in this photo.

Then we had Wakanda Unite!!

Most of us are praying that they actually made up; and why not,  both are talented women who are winning in their own lane.  Major Kudos to these ladies for this epic moment right here!!

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