Have You Met The Guy Who Uses An iPhone To DJ? Find Out All You Need To Know About Him

iphone dj

Imagine you pay a huge sum of money for a DJ to play at your event and he turns up holding nothing but his phone.

What would you do?

We are pretty sure that scenario is on the mind of all those who have heard of the iPhone DJ.

He picked up the award at the just ended Ghana DJ Awards which just means that he is really doing a good job.

But do you really know who he is?

We had the pleasure of talking with him…

Kuulpeeps: Congratulations on winning the award for the Best Campus DJ this year.

iPhone DJ: Thank you very much.

iphone dj

Kuulpeeps: Who is iPhone DJ?

iPhone DJ: My name is Otoo Mensah. I am a level 200 Business Administration student at the University of Ghana, Legon. Before that, I attended Aggrey Memorial Senior High School.

Kuulpeeps: Is it the cost of equipment that led you to discover that you can DJ with a phone or it was something else?

iPhone DJ: Oh not at all. It was actually a challenge to myself to achieve the same output that DJing with a laptop gave with a phone. I am used to doing most things on my phone and I didn’t think DJing will be any different or difficult.

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been doing this?

iPhone DJ: I started last year on the 3rd of March. That should be like a little over a year.

Kuulpeeps: The battle between Apple and Android is not something that we want to be a part of but then we will like to know why you use an iPhone and not an Android.

iPhone DJ: iPhones are optimized better for mobile apps as compared to Android phones. But since we don’t want to stir up any fights let me just say  I prefer iPhones to Android because they are way reliable.

Kuulpeeps: What will you say has been your most embarrassing moment as a DJ?

iPhone DJ: Embarrassing???? I am yet to have an episode like that. I have had a couple of moments where I was really nervous because I could feel all the attention on me but I haven’t had the embarrassing experience yet.

iphone DJ

Kuulpeeps: Lol. What about your most memorable moment?

iPhone DJ: I think the most memorable will be Frathouse during the Pent Hall week. Initially, I wasn’t put on the bill to perform but people started requesting that I perform. The organizers put me on and if you ask me I will say my session was the best for the night. That actually put me on the radar of the organizers (Echo House) and I have been on all their major gigs.

Kuulpeeps: Do you think DJing in Ghana is a Lucrative venture?

iPhone DJ: Well I think if you do it right it can be very lucrative and you can make some money.

Kuulpeeps: Aside from the just ended Ghana DJ Awards, do you think DJs in Ghana are getting the recognition they deserve?

iPhone DJ: Not really. I, however, believe that we will definitely get there in the shortest possible time. An award scheme recognizing the efforts of DJs is a step in the right direction.

Kuulpeeps: What is next for iPhone DJ? Any collaborations?

iPhone DJ: I want to get bigger and better and probably go international. As for the collaborations, hopefully, that will happen soon.

Kuulpeeps: Who are your top 3 DJs in Ghana that you look up to?

iPhone DJ: DJ Big EL, DJ Vyrusky and DJ Sam

Kuulpeeps: Share with us your social media handles.

iPhone DJ: My social media handles are @theiphonedj on Instagram and @iamtheiphonedj on Twitter.

Kuulpeeps: Thanks… Go play some music…

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