UG SRC’s Got An App For Students And You Need To Download It

Hey Kuulpeeps! You know how we only see some SRC executives when they are soliciting for votes and campaigning, then after that, we don’t see or hear anything from them, not even around campus, then all of a sudden, BAM!!, we are voting again??

Well, guess what? Now you can know everything, yes we mean EVERYTHING about the SRC, who they are, what they are doing and what not!! You want to know how bia??

Thanks to Marvin Gates Designs and our wonderful SRC, you can now have access to all the information about the SRC; from the history to present-day activities! No not from your notice board, not from your student email, but all in ONE APP, at your fingertips! Yes the UG SRC MOBILE APP!!

•All you need to do is to go to Playstore, search for UG SRC Mobile, download and get to swiping. You can log in either with your Student mail or Google mail.

Once you’re logged in, you get to know about The History of the SRC, the activities taking place on Campus including actions of the SRC, Announcements, Events taking place on Campus, and more! Cool right??

You know how we don’t even see the executives around all the time to even look at them, how much more tell them our problems?? Well, guess what?! There is a section where you can lodge ALL your complaints to and also make inquiries to understand and clarify issues.

What is an SRC without empowering students?? The Students Articles section belongs to all students who would love to air their views on issues. Also, there is an advert section, where Student entrepreneurs can advertise their goods to the students. The app also has emergency phone numbers for all of us who may be caught up in a fix and would need assistance; be it counseling or security.

There are even more features!!!

Know what’s even better? You can read all your favourite articles from Kuulpeeps right there on the app!

That should be enough reason to download the app right?

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