Forget Your La Même Faves! These 6 Guys Are Rocking Their Dyed Hair On Legon Campus

We are embracing fashion in a whole new way this semester. Our favourite group, La Même Gang sort of cleared the path to dying your hair and rocking it and these guys on campus are killing it!!!

Ladies, your favourite ‘bad boy’ is here!


Mayker , a level 300 student studying Sociology.

Yeahh he’s matching colours with the car! Slay man slaaaaay!


Vondee, level 200

Dyed hair

How do you not applaud a man who steps out of the box within a box but does it so well?! 


Mahama, level 200 Sociology student.

Simple right? But so effortlessly cool.


Jolomisan. Level 200 studying Psychology

As if the twists aren’t ‘bad boy’ enough! Ladies…Your King!


Manasseh. A Level 300 Political Science student

Who said you cannot look humble and good boy-ish in dyed hair. Please!!! 

Kay T. Level 300 Political Science student.

Just look at that hair shine! Can you smell the coconut oil from here? 

See guys? If you were thinking of it but didn’t have the confidence to pull it off, just look at these living inspirations. You don’t have to a creative genius to have dyed hair! Flourish young kings!!!

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