For All Those Complaining About The GHS 700 NABCO Monthly Salary, This Might Interest You!


Here is a clear case of half a loaf is better none.

You’ve gone through 8 over 8 at the university – sat through boring lectures, met all the crazy deadlines, aced your quizzes and exams.

National Service was exciting and reality struck when the institution you were working with decided to say goodbye to you when National Service ended.

… or you were not maintained, got a little lucky with a 6-month contract but that was it.

When the new service person came in, you were asked to train him or her, you felt like a boss there but at the end of your contract, the renewal didn’t come.

Now, you have been unemployed while your mates get up every day to work, come back home in the evening.

You see them wear a new cloth or shoe every now and then.

They got their old phones swapped for one with better specs. You are envious of them living the life you want.

Still unemployed doing menial jobs here and there with no stable income.

Then government decides to implement the Nations Builders Corps (NABCO) programme.

Beneficiaries will earn GHS 700 each month for the three years that the programme will run.

Then instead of taking advantage of this, you join others on social media to bash government for not paying enough.

Well, these people have a few choice words for you







We hope our point has been made clear.

Now, here is how to apply for a job under the NABCO programme.

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Apply, gee. Secure the GHS 700 monthly salary and continue your search for the GHS 10,000 monthly salary job.

Peace out!

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