Do You Want Accolades Or Assurance Chioma? In Davido’s Voice

By now we are sure you saw our post about Davido buying his girlfriend, Chioma a Porsche for her 23rd birthday; as if the pressure wasn’t already enough with the gift, he also made a song for her Assurance hence the tag on the Porsche.

He also said they have been dating for 5 years!! Wow, we didn’t know that we thought it was overnight love. Na wa ooo!!

The video to the song ”Assurance” out today as well.

wow Chioma, it must be really nice sis.. But only if the internet will let you enjoy your “Assurance gift

Of course what a boring place the internet will be if they allowed that; since the video of the gift went viral the trolls (good and bad) and the new age feminists are ready to attack with their “holier than thou”, “Respect yourself ladies” and “couple goals ” comments.

Somebody even wrote an open letter to Chioma and Women alike

So now the question is, ladies, do you now deserve some accolades or would you rather get your assurance?

If you ask us we want assurance please, accolades be what again? A pat on the back?

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