#UGDecides’18: Today’s Vetting May Not Happen As Long As The Vetting Committee Lacks A Legal Adviser

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Peeps, there may be a fuzzy probability that the vetting of the aspirants of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UG SRC) portfolios would take place today.

In a discussion with Paa Kwesi Schandorf (PKS), an ardent Presidential aspirant, on Radio Univers this morning, the issue of the appointment of an SRC Legal Adviser came up.

According to Schandorf, the Vetting Committee has to appoint a Legal Adviser before Vetting can be successfully done according to the constitution of the SRC.

He accentuated further that the Legal Adviser has to be approved by the General Assembly before the individual assumes office and anything aside this will be deemed unconstitutional.

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Schandorf continued that the Vetting Committee had the opportunity to appoint a Legal Adviser somewhere last year but they failed to do so.

The only condition that may crack off the constitutional requirement is that the Legal Adviser is appointed without the approval from the General Assembly but only when there is an emergency.

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Meaning, in the hour of an emergency, the SRC, in need of a Legal Adviser, with no one in its bosom to serve such purpose in the particular time, can stretch out its hands and pull a Law Student from the library and with the Law Student’s consent, glue his/her butt to the Legal Adviser seat and extract from the Law Student’s medulla oblongata, the necessary legal opinions the Union needs to function constitutionally.

But in this case, Schandorf explained, there is no state of emergency since the SRC had ample time to appoint a Legal Adviser for him/her to be approved by the General Assembly.

The failure of the Officers to present their Legal appointees can lead to their impeachment.
So the question still stands, will the vetting be postponed because of this?

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