#UGDecides’18: 8 Personal Facts About SRC Aspirant, Ewura Adams Karim You Should Know


Our hunt for interesting facts about this year’s SRC aspirants is still on! And for today, we give to you:

Ewura Karim Adams

He grew up in Tamale, in a town called Gumani and had his Senior High School education at T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School in Kumasi

He loves reading, writing, dancing, singing, and swimming. Basically, he loves to inspire, educate and entertain.

This is what he told us on what he reads and writes about.

“I love to read anything I find good. Anything that will add something valuable to my knowledge base. I do not limit myself to reading one-sided things. I write mostly poetry and motivational articles. My poems tackle social issues”

And did you know he used to run from school to swim in a river close to his school?…lol

“Well, my love for swimming started in basic school. I remember I used to run from school to go swim…(laughs). There was a public swimming pool near the school I attended”

He loved to watch cartoons when growing up and guess his favourite…


And when it comes to food dier…

“Fufu does the magic oooo (laughs). Yeah with some really good light soup and good meat. My hometown is a cradle of tubers in this country so as for fufu paa dier we don’t joke with it. Tuo zaafi with some ayoyo and cow intestines also performs magic sometimes”

He nearly became a professional footballer ooo

“Yeah, I love football. I actually played for my school’s football team from primary school through to junior high school. I almost chose football as a career some time back.  I played two positions.  I was a goalkeeper and I played the number five position occasionally… (laughs)”

He is a Red Devil. yeah! a big Manchester United fan and he is also inclined towards Real Madrid too.

He loves seasonal movies too and these are his top three seasonal movies

Haha yeah, I love seasonal movies. My top three are:

1. Prison break

2. Twenty four

3. Heroes.

I love prison break more. The suspense is just on another level bro. It leaves you anticipating what the next move will be. Just when you think everything is alright then something else comes up.

Src Aspirant

Good luck, Ewura Adams.

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