#UGDecides’18: 14 Personal Facts About The UG SRC Treasurer Aspirant

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The race for SRC positions is here and we know you’re already wondering who you should vote for. You’re hearing all their policies, their achievements but…let’s get up close and personal with them!

Meet Smith. He’s the only person running for the SRC Treasurer position. Here are 14 facts about him you’d never hear anywhere!

1. His favorite food is Fufu with palm nut soup and plenty goat meat. He loves Jollof and chicken. 
My mum has a way of mixing palm nut soup and light soup. It’s really nice”

2. He loves to listen to Hip pop, Gospel and any music about love regardless of the genre.

3. He loves Manifest, has been listening to Kwesi Arthur a lot, and is a fan of J Cole!

4. Here’s something special he had to say “I love open-mindedness but I’m a Christian and that makes it difficult sometimes but I still try and accommodate and appreciate everything”

5. He can’t sing cos he has a terrible voice but, watch out guys cos he’s hoping to sing like Adele soon!

6. He also has hopes of learning how to play the keyboard too.

7. His most embarrassing moment?? Said “I remember that I was once dragged to the staff common room cos I was writing letters to a girl back in JHS! Charley it was a sight!!😩”

8. He’s super generous!!! If he were president for a day, guess what he will do?
“I wouldn’t want to interrupt a person’s tenure.  I’ll just sign an executive order that a couple of orphanages be ‘chilled’ for the day and also, I’ll make sure bills of some sick people are paid”

9. Here’s an amazing quote from him:You’ve never really lived until you have done something for someone who can’t pay you back. Everything is vanity”

10. He loves going to the movies but doesn’t really like watching movies? Why?
Lol It’s a nice place to hangout with people you love”

11. He prefers shoes over sneakers depending on the occasion tho.

12. Love or money??Money is good. I hear people disregard its potency. I believe in it but Love is supreme. I can’t choose but it depends. I can say for sure I won’t decline having a lot of money at this age over having a girlfriend lol and then again I’ll chose saving my sister or friend over winning a billion dollars”

13. He loved the French rhymes taught in primary school. He finds them really funny.

14. His greatest inspiration in life is to fulfill his God given purpose on Earth.

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