Two Hospitals Turned Away A Dying Man – The Shocking Details Of This Man’s Death Is Too Familiar


You know how Ghana needs to do a lot of work in almost every government sector you can think of?

From security to finance. We shouldn’t mention education and sports, oh and God help us with our health sector.

Yes, there is without a doubt that there are some amazing doctors and nurses who are making huge sacrifices and doing their best to provide the best healthcare to their patients.

But occasionally, there are the others who follow procedure right down to the line that it actually costs the life of a dear loved one.

There are countless accounts of how the attitudes of Doctors and nurses in Ghana have directly resulted in the death of someone we love. They are a far cry from the committed doctors and nurses we watch once a week on Grey’s Anatomy.

Twitter user, Selorm’s nightmare encounter with such health professional occurred last night.

It all started after Selorm’s ill uncle had an episode…

Ghana Health  Ghana Health

Yes, Korle Bu turned them away because according to procedure, it is supposed to take in referral cases. Meaning other hospitals are supposed to refer you Korle Bu before they can treat you. But this man has been receiving treatment from the same hospital already, according to Selorm’s account.

But the story gets more painful…

Ghana HealthGhana HealthGhana Health Ghana Health

Charley…. this story erh.

Twitter has been buzzing since Selorm shared the harrowing story of how his uncle passed.

Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health Ghana Health

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