Settle Your Nigerian Jollof Curiosity And Explore Naija Delicacy Right Here On Legon Campus


Banku and okro with Elorm or eba and egusi with Obinna… which do you prefer?

Has your Nigerian roommate or friend been telling you all about their foods but still haven’t cooked you any? Have you joined in the Nigeria vs Ghana jollof war on social media but have never actually tasted naija jollof?

Be a proper judge by having a taste of the two!

There’s a new food hot spot here in our very own Legon that offers Nigerian foods for you, to satisfy your curiosity.

‘Tastes of Naija’ is located at Bani hostel so you can just stroll there and take your taste buds to Nigeria. What is it that you’ve been dying to try from all the naija movies you watch? Is it the okro soup or the egusi soup with eba or pounded yam or the pepper soup?

When it comes to rice, do you want to try naija jollof or coconut rice?

Just go to Bani Hall.

You can have any soup with eba/pounded yam and any type of Nigerian rice you want (plain rice and stew, jollof, fried rice) for ₵15, ₵20 or ₵25. You could also try the beloved moi-moi (bean pudding) for just ₵4.

Those of us Nigerians that already know how good these foods taste and have been stressing ourselves to find Nigerian foodstuff at Madina market, don’t trouble yourself anymore.

Now if after buying your food, you don’t feel like sharing with your roommate or the friend waiting for you in your room, lol you can sit down there, enjoy your meal, wash your hands and go back like nothing happened and they would never know!

If you’re also too lazy to go to Bani, you can order through Jumia foods as Tastes Of Naija does not have a campus based delivery option yet. Since you can’t go to naija in person, visit the national treasure ‘Tastes of Naija’, and your taste-buds will thank you.


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