Meet The Guys Running Online Retail Services In UCC


Kuulpeeps is in the business of finding kuulpeeps and we’ve found the peeps running Ghana’s version of Amazon on campus, the guys behind Provisionsgh – Evans and Fred.  We talked to them about how they came up with their idea and what they are generally into. Evans spoke on behalf of the duo.

KuulpeepsUCC: Hello Sir

Evans: Hello Kuulpeeps

KuulpeepsUCC: May we know your name and profession.

Evans: I’m Evans Ankomah, a National Service person (TA) and the co-founder of provisionsgh.


KuulpeepsUCC: So do I call you a TA, businessman or both?

Evans: Haha… that’s your preference, you can choose to call me any one of them. But preferably I don’t like people calling me TA.

KuulpeepsUCC: Did you graduate with a first class?

Evans: Well TA on campus is not necessarily for first class students. You could get lower and still be a TA, I didn’t graduate with a First class.

KuulpeepsUCC: So what do you do during your leisure times?

Evans: I’m a programmer and I code and there’s nothing that interests me more than coding

KuulpeepsUCC: So when did you have this idea to come up with provisionsgh?

Evans: Actually this idea came up in level 200 when I met my friend called Fred Obiri Yeboah who’s also the co-founder of provisionsgh. We saw potential in both of us and decided to come up with something. Actually, this is our third business plan and the first was Gwamanso and within a week we brought it down. On the Ayensu road, there’s this refuse dump and I wanted to own a big supermarket there. So one day Fred brought up this idea to set up the site.

KuulpeepsUCC: How did the market idea become an online store?

Evans: You realize that on campus especially in UCC, learning, academics and other stuff on campus is difficult sometimes. So we decided to offload some the stress on students so they can concentrate on their studies since most of them want first classes and also when coming to school from a far place the amount incurred on transporting luggage could buy you a bag of rice to sustain you for some time in school. Students now can just pick up their laptops or mobile phones and purchase their provisions and we’ll meet them in their rooms with the provisions they ordered.

KuulpeepsUCC: Did you receive any form of help in setting it up?

Evans: Not really, it’s just been Fred and me.

KuulpeepsUCC: How much did you use to start this business?(capital)

Evans: For a service like this we run from a zero (0) account because we programmed the site ourselves. The only amount we paid was for the hosting of the website for the first year which I can’t disclose now but was just below GHS 200.

KuulpeepsUCC: What has been your greatest challenge with provisionsgh?

Evans: The greatest challenge we are facing now is getting students to change their existent culture of carrying huge provisions along to campus hence we have tried to increase our traditional publicity by adding room to room campaigns, which is very time consuming but that’s what we signed up for when we started this venture. Also, trying to run in a market like this with most people wanting cheap items but of high quality means we need the best suppliers which come at a cost parallel to the thin purse we running on. But we don’t have an excuse, once we started we have to make the bigger picture come to pass hence we are putting in place structures to bring some people on board to expand. We do believe that next academic calendar everyone will feel our presence chuckles and one of such is being interviewed by Kuulpeeps. Another challenge we face is blending working with the site with teaching assistantship when orders have been placed and lectures have to come off.

KuulpeepsUCC: What have you enjoyed most in doing this work?

Evans: I’m a person who likes service so I take delight in delivering the orders to our customers

KuulpeepsUCC: How does your site operate?

Evans: Okay so provisionsgh is just like any supermarket where you just take a basket and pick the items you want but the only difference is that you pick your phone or laptop and enter and assume you’re in the supermarket and skim through the website and choose the provisions you need one after the other by adding them to your shopping basket and the system automatically adds the prices for you at the top right corner of your screen and after adding them you check out but if you don’t have an account then you just register an account with us. Then you move to your payment side where you can choose to either pay online or pay on delivery and from there the order gets to us and we present your order to you.

KuulpeepsUCC: How much do you charge for delivery?

Evans: For orders less than 500 Ghana cedis you pay 3 Ghana cedis and for orders above 500 Ghana cedis, it’s free!!!

KuulpeepsUCC: How many people have set up accounts with provisionsgh?

Evans: For now, over 250 users have subscribed to us with over 50 active patronages as in those who rebuy items from us.

KuulpeepsUCC: Is the service found only in UCC?

Evans: For now, UCC is our major campus but we are also in Cape Coast Technical University(CCTU) and University of Ghana(UG) and we’re going to hit UG massively next semester so UG watch out!

KuulpeepsUCC: Why would you advise anyone to purchase their provisions from the site?

Evans: We have a saying at provisionsgh that goes like “first-class students learn and provisionsgh do the shopping but the rest of the classes do the shopping and learn alongside”. So if you want to be a first-class student, let provisionsgh do the shopping so you get sufficient time to study.

KuulpeepsUCC: Any last words?

Evans: We’re in our Examination week so I’ll wish everyone all the best in their exams and entreat that everyone visit our website for the new promotions tailored for the examination period, check out our services and buy our items from there and we’ll deliver to them on time. Most importantly, we want to thank and our nice gentleman here for such massive platform given to us.

KuulpeepsUCC: We wish you the best of luck.

Evans: Thank you so much, guys.

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