LEGON: There Will Be No Artiste Night For The Vandals!!!

Vandal hallweek

Rumors had it that the Vandals were going to have Ice Prince as their main act for the artiste night.

commonwealth hallweek

So we were all gearing up for the showdown. But there has been a big turnaround. Guess what!!! There will be not artiste night tonight! And this is why:

According to the information we have gathered, the funds that were made available by sponsors plus the JCR dues was not enough to bring Ice Prince to the City. So the JCR executives, after seeking approval from the members of the hall, decided to take GHc 20 out of the refundable fees from the members to augment the amount they already had.

But this decision was objected to by the Hall Master, which meant that there was not going to be any artiste night for the Vandals.

Sorry guys!!!

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