Ghanaian Celebs React To Moesha’s CNN Interview

moesha boduong

Social media erupted yesterday because of a sneak peek into an interview that Moesha Boduong had with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

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Now some groups of people disagreed strongly with her view that she expressed stating how the economy was hard and so Ghanaian women needed to depend on men for their basic needs.

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And others felt she spoke the truth that a lot of people can relate to but just didn’t want to hear.

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And the rest of us just didn’t care…

Now away from everyone’s views that they expressed on their various social media platforms, some celebs also decided to express their opinion about what Moesha said.

For some of them, she disgraced herself and the country and also gave a generalized view of Ghanaian women that is insulting, especially for those who hustle hard to earn what they have.

Dear @moeshaboduong don’t worry ok? All shall pass. It’s annoying how even those who are asking for 70 Ghana mobile money from men to buy dross and pad right now are busy insulting you. We have all gone through it. The thing you talk diɛ e be nonsense mohm. If nkwasiakeka be chieftaincy title like by now your name be; Obaahemaa ɔka Nkwasiasɛm the 1st. Ei Nana Hemaa nie!!! 👸 Nana kasa!!!🎤 I’m not sure if you knew and were ready for the consequences. Me for instance erh, sometimes, I write shit, read over it, make sure that it’s deeeep shit, but still post it, sit back, relax and enjoy the bashing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Abi you know say me a be #halfmanhalfbosom😃 If they do koraa get angry and mention names of all your “partners in “atopa for rent.” “Atopa for dross” “atopa for car” “atopa for banku and tilapia” “atopa for soobolo.” Somebody said you are lazy you don’t work. All you do is atopa, herh who said atopa is not work? Is atopa a small #Distin? 👉 “Raise your legs, hold the table. Hold the cocoa tree. hold your toes. helicopter. Space mission. Astronaut kwɛmo zingili. Soma me na mɛ kɔ. ɔkyena nso tomorrow. plant the casava…” the worse one koraa is a style called fly away Peter, fly away Paul. They will hang you like a flag at the beach. By the time they finish with you, only Google map can locate your leg. Who say atopa be for lazy people. Don’t mind them ok….. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Dear @camanpour Our economy in Ghana is so very bad..yes some landlords demand thousands of dollars as an advance payment of rent, But dating someones hubby is not a career,sleeping with a man in exchange for anything is prostituition… We have young ghanaian women like myself doing wonderfully well,working very hard,giving our family the best,building homes for orphans,putting some street kids back to school,Farming to feed orphans without sleeping with people’s husband… We have young ghanaian women that can buy themselves a house as a birthday gift,purchase a bmw X6(2016 model) as a 2015 christmas anytime we want,buy ourselves the most expensive jewellery without having to sleep with anything Our economy is not good but we work our ass off.. WE CUT OUR COAT ACCORDING TO OUR FABRIC,we dont live for social media likes…we dont pretend to be who we are not in order to belong.. We study to improve us… Dating married men becos of bad economy will be the most useless statement ever made.. Hey Mo mo,what the fuck are u saying…so now our president should go and date a “married man” for our economy to be good?? @camanpour..You should have asked her if the married man is above the economy… For christ sake not every ghanaian woman is that lazy….and the young woman working on ur nails Christiana is a typical example. Good day. #onyamekala #cnn #cnnafrica #Christianamanpour #christianamanpour #PoliticalPolice #news#ghanaianwomenarenotlazy #CNN Mua @minalyntouch

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