Just When You Thought Your Traditional Egg and Pepper Couldn’t Be Modernized, This Young Entrepreneur Sweeps Everyone Off Their Feet

amina neina yakubu

For the longest time ever whenever you hear the popular chant Nkosua ne M3ko, all you see is a woman with an iron pan filled with boiled eggs on her head. She has neatly arranged them to suit the circular form of her pan and in the middle is grounded pepper with meticulously sliced onions ready for sale.

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Fast forward to the 21st century, no one knew that our local egg and pepper could look this good…..


And all of this has been made possible by Amina Neina Yakubu, who is an Account Manager with an Online Media house.

Her reason for coming up with this innovative idea was not to put anyone out of business but rather curb the uncomfortable feeling she felt whenever she saw the ones on the street due to their unhygienic nature.

The second reason for this business idea which was actually her motivating factor was the fact that the benefits of eggs in the diet of an individual was very essential and people didn’t readily have access to it like you would expect them to.

Truth be told if there is one thing you can get easily addicted to it will be egg and pepper. Because as soon as you are done eating one you would definitely want another and in the era where everyone wants something to be delivered to them why not jump at the opportunity.

With her stable job you wouldn’t expect that she will be getting huge orders since she does this on the side, but according to Amina, her largest order so far was for an engagement where she had to serve 400 people.

In the beginning, she didn’t think it was going to be capital intensive but as time passed by she realised that her branding and packaging made her choice of business cost intensive.

Moving on, Amina has expanded her line of deliverables and has included Adodi, Adaakua, Lamugee and Bissap/Sobolo.

You can check her page on Instagram @nkosua_ne_meko_gh

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