All The Things That Went Wrong During Miss UEW 2018 Grand Finale

Before we begin, you should know this article is not to discredit the organizers of the Miss UEW pageant. They did an awesome job! This write-up is to point a few red flags that  should be considered next year.

Last Saturday, the university community witnessed the grand finale of Miss UEW at the Jophus Anamuah Conference Center. Although the night went smoothly, we noticed things that needed to be addressed. Let’s go ahead and sip the tea.


From the very beginning, the organizers released the artwork for the grand finale, things went south! The show was expected to start at 6 pm with the red carpet at 7pm…duhh!! What were patrons to do within that one hour gap? Walk around?? Or the organizers were planning on pausing the show for the red carpet? This timing issue made the event to start late.

MC’s very wrong jokes

CobbyMyke is a fantastic MC and no one can take that away from him but in this current world where everything is political and matters, Cobby needs to watch what he says and does on a stage before it gets him into trouble. In his bid to create humour, he might have discredited the whole reason for the event. His comments on why women need men after an empowering performance by one of the contestants came across as chauvinistic and misogynistic….and asking the female MC to prezz her breast on stage…not cool bro!

Poor seat reservations 

Organizers were at a loss over who sits where. Once again, UEW organizers did not pay attention to details and it caused inconveniences for patrons and guests. Let’s take a little time and pay attention to details, guys!

Performances that didn’t go well

Did we have to sit through those cringy performances…smh! Most of the performances by artists were unrehearsed and just not good.

Acknowledgement of nudity 

We’re not here to tell anyone what to wear but for an event which prided itself with redefining women through culture and educational development, the pageant should have distanced itself from the deliberate show of brezz that someone came to share. Again, CobbyMyke, asking the lady to come on stage to show her “pancakes” or “flapjacks” was just endorsing the show of nudity.

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