TIPS: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Do During Exams Period

Well, that moment is here again and hearing the name of this terminator gives us the chills. Like, Jeez – Exams (shrugs). Yhyh, we know you’ve buckled up spiritually with some prayers and academically with a whole lotta ideas. We just wanna pinpoint a few don’ts that you should have in mind.

Don’t leave your doors unlocked or items unsecured

It’s that’s time of the semester guys, where the thieves are also writing the end of semester stealing practicals(lol), so don’t make it any easier for them.  This period is more of their competition, like who returns with the most valuable bounty. Don’t give them that pleasure. It’s nice having floor mates and roommates but don’t assume they’ll be your keeper. Be your own keeper like David De Gea.


Don’t postpone studying

But the movie is so tempting!! and all the guys are playing the game – it seems fun. Charley, that’s the devil testing mic on you. The Timetable differs from person to person and you may not know the candles someone has been burning low key, so kindly don’t postpone the learning.


Don’t study at isolated areas or at odd hours

You may want some peace and quiet and some space which will be quite impossible considering at this time of the semester. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t push you to go study at very isolated places on campus or at odd hours as well. Well, at least don’t do it alone – get a group of friends to roll with. Remember, scoring them A’s is very important but your life and safety counts equally, don’t downplay that.

Don’t let the rumours scare you

Are you writing that paper the seniors have been wailing about? They keep saying ECO 102 this, Comm Skills that, Financial Reporting kraa de3 gyae!!! Naa chaley those are their words not yours. You can do it Charley, just give it your all and you’re good to go. Look that paper in the face an show them who the boss is.

Don’t forget to double check all checkables

Double check with your time table, your materials for the exams, your students ID and other necessaries. Don’t assume you’ve had it all in check, you may be missing an important thing. It’s better to be on the safer side Charley.

Don’t be late for a paper

Being seated 30 minutes before the paper is 30 minutes, nothing less, don’t try to bend the rules, whether intentionally or not. UCC has a soft spot for making examples outta law breakers. Don’t give them the pleasure to be a victim.

 Don’t forget to pray

From start to finish, during and after the paper, say a prayer to God Charley. He’s always got your  back.

All the best in this semester’s exams yh

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