Here Are 6 Ways To Wear a Choker Necklace

Hey Kuulpeeps, we want y’all to know that chokers are still in style.

Let’s be honest, the word Choker sounds a bit intimidating and scary, right? The thought of something tight around your neck is like placing yourself in 50 Shades Of Grey scene. But relax, it is not that bad at all and we know because we rock it all the time and we are still alive.

You can never go wrong with the denim and button up blouse look. Pair it with a Gold Choker that sits low and some shades and you are good to go.


When you decide to dress up in your athletic wear, do not forget to pair it with a choker to give it that sporty chic look.

Usually, when you wear off the shoulders neckline pieces you tend to feel naked so pair it with a choker for an elegant look.


You cannot go with a statement neckpiece especially a choker. This is a perfect match for those simple little black dresses you have hanging in your closet.


Issa Queen!! In case you woke up today feeling like a queen, this choker is the ideal choker made out seashells.

It does not get any simpler than this Choker here. Wear a wrap choker with a longer end over something simple, like an African print top.

You still don’t have anywhere to go find similar chokers? Don’t worry @wigclub on IG has you covered from the latest jewelry to Wigs!!



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