Kuulpeeps, We Have Busted 5 Lipstick Myths For You!

Have you ever wanted to try a shade of lipstick but you became self-conscious and changed your mind? All because you remembered what society has to say about what color lipstick you should wear because of your skin tone? Listen, don’t pay any attention to them, they are enemies of a good face beat!!

First of all…

Red Lipstick Is Not For Everyone

Haters will say “don’t wear red lipstick because it’s for prostitute”,  “Don’t wear red lipstick you are too dark”.  Girl bye, let us tell you this, the darker you are the brighter the lipstick should be. Wearing a shade of red adds a pop to the outfit, in reality, you give glamorous vibes with Red lipstick. You just need to find the right shade that works for you.

If You Have Full Lips, You Can’t Wear A Bold Lip Color

You can, as long as you stick to a matte color with just a hint of sheen—anything too shiny or glossy may give you an overly made-up look. Wig Club matte color lipsticks and sheer lip gloss are the perfect solutions since they go on sheer and can be layered gradually for more color. During sunny days, try a hue like a pinkish orange, Rose or a vibrant pink. All these colors are available at Wig Club.

Wearing Lipstick Will Dry Out Your Lips

Though we can’t speak for other lipsticks that other cosmetic stores are selling, the lipstick collections that are being sold at Wig Club begs to differ, there are varieties of lipsticks that moisturize your lips for long-lasting effect. “You can also prep lips a few minutes before applying lipstick by smoothing in a little of their lip balm on your lips.


Lipstick Needs Liner

The days of two-toned lips are through thanks to a push towards natural shapes and neutral qualities that make the dark-liner-light-color combination the ultimate lipstick. But should you avoid liner altogether? Not necessarily, while keeping lips looking natural is important regardless of shade choice, the role of the liner is to help define lips not to overshadow them. So if you are still persistent,  blend the liner into the rest of your tone with a brush or your fingers. That way, it becomes invisible, but still helps to highlight a shape that’s already yours.

Keep Brights To A Minimum

If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that color is not to be feared. And you may still shy away from the likes of orange tones and fuchsia pink, you can still wear bright lipsticks and make them suit your daily look. Yes, we understand you may not want ruby-red lips for the 8-5 hustle, but lightly applying bright tones you can neutralize any shade and make it appropriate for office or meeting. You can try “bombshell” matte lipstick from HUDABEAUTY at Wig Club

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There you go Kuulpeep, go ahead and slay. Don’t let the haters get to you.

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