Here Is UCC’s Fashion Night And Everything You Need To Know About It.

UCC fashion night is an outrageously exciting and highly anticipated fashion show on campus, organised annually by the creative, young and innovative designers of the fashion class of the Department of  Vocational training in UCC.

According to the organisers, this year’s edition promises an even bigger creative display from professional designers, who will also display their garments as they battle it out for who eventually wins the Best Designer Award, the Best Garment Award and other awards that will be up for grabs.

ucc fashion night

The evening features a number of fun-filled activities including a cocktail, casual, traditional men’s wear, beachwear and more clothing lines to showcase.

You are definitely prevented from missing this awesome event.!!! YES, YOU!!

This year’s edition is spiced with very exciting pre-event activities, including health walk with the models and street modelling as well as a cooking competition amongst the participating models. People say beautiful girls with makeup and long nails can’t cook, but hold on for this exception and journey through a night of surprises and fun.

ucc fashion night

The event is set to take place at the NEC auditorium and tickets are on sale for just GHS 10.00 for regular and GHS20.00 for VIP.

After the event, there will be free entry into Samrit Hotel and a red carpet photo-shoot.

On Friday 27th April 2018, come to the NEC auditorium and have a great night filled with a wonderful display of fashion from UCC’s very own top designers and professionals.


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