Two Reasons Why You Need To Follow The #FineMenThatAreVirgins  Twitter Hashtag

Male Virginity

Look, forget the #MenAreNotTrash hashtag that sought to counter the #MenAreTrash hashtag.

There is a new and somewhat condescending hashtag on Twitter that is seeking to celebrate male virgins.

Yeah… men who claim to have never had sex are celebrating themselves online.

We remember that we told y’all about the #FineFemalesInMilitary.

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Ladies, #FineMenThatAreVirgins is that hashtag you need to follow for two reasons…

The first thing is to shop for a honest man, yeah that’s if we are going by societal opinion about men who have never had premarital sex.

Secondly, you need to follow the hashtag to help call out the guy who helped you break your virginity but is out there on Twitter putting his pictures up and going all #FineMenThatAreVirgins on us.

Here are a few men who are making two claims in one hashtag – first of all is that they are fine and secondly that they are virgins:

But then how true is all this?

Social media is fun!!

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