Kantanka Okatakyie: This New Kantanka Vehicle Is Ready For The Market!

Kantanka Okatakyie

Kuulpeeps, this year we are showing up like Echo in everything that we do.

Yep, it includes how we pull up too.

We saw this beautiful new car that was manufactured in Ghana by Kantanka Automobile Company Limited.

This is the car you drive to make yourself feel good.

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It’s great for the weekends too…

The Kantanka Okatakyie is a beautiful sports car that is also perfect when you’re going to meet the guys to have fun or you want to make bae feel fiiiiiinnnneeee…

Okatakyie has a 1.5 engine capacity with two front tyres and one at the back.

It is automatic transmission too, so bae can also take it out for a day out with her girls.

We know bae is beautiful, but the Kantanka Okatakyie too dey bee pass…

It’s ready for the market now, so if you want to get one for yourself or for bae…. just contact Kantaka Automobile.

Tell them you’re a Kuulpeep, so they should hook you up!

Though Kantanka Okatakyie will be produced on a large scale, “first 20 will be produced to test the market,” Kwadwo Safo Junior told Kuulpeeps.com in an interview.

Guy, you must be one of the first 20 to own the Kantanka Okatakyie.

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