Have You Met One Of The Most Irresistible Voices On Radio Now? Meet Class FM’s Kwadwo Bonnah

kwadwo bonnah class fm
One of the voices you can’t resist on the air in Ghana lately is that of Kwadwo Bonnah, also known as K. Bonnah, the host of Classbridge on Class91.3fm and TheCodewithKBonnah.
He has filled in the shoes of Class FM Late night show, Love & Beauty after Natalia Andoh was moved to the midmorning show a couple of days ago.

His impeccable way of handling his programs has attracted millions of listeners in Ghana and across borders.

Most of his listeners cannot dispute the fact that his composure, baritone voice and attitude have had a great impact on them.

K.Bonnah is a product of Opoku Ware School and a graduate of the University Of Ghana, where he studied Economics and Information Studies.

kwadwo bonnah class fm

Despite the fact that a number of radio listeners see him as a good radio personality, he is also a great collector of music, and he gives background information to every song he plays on the radio, leaving the listener with enough information about the song, especially if they are listening to the song for the first time.

K.Bonnah’s commitment to educating people through the radio on his programmes coupled with his great sense of humour and professionalism in emceeing shows has given him a new title “Night King

Born to Mr and Mrs. Bona, two civil servants in the Ashanti region, K.Bonnah has been on the radio since his University days on campus. He joined as a volunteer while a first-year student of the University of Ghana.

During vacations, he joined the Private Party Crew of Luv FM, carving a niche for himself as the best entertainment analyst, with an infectious delivery and authoritative presentation of issues happening in the world of entertainment.

In October 2015, he joined Class Media Group, Class FM. He was on the Country on Class show with Desmond Lamptey. He was later moved to drive the night lovers after a long week of stress to their dreamland on Friday nights.

kwadwo bonnah class fm

To experience K Bonnah for yourself, just keep your dial on Class 91.3FM from Wednesday to Friday at 10 pm to 12 am.


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