#UGDecides’18: Here’s All The Information To Guide You Before Tomorrow’s Election


This is from the SRC Electoral Commission:

“Take note of the official polling stations for the elections tomorrow, in no particular order:

1. Jean Nelson Aka Hall Polling Station
2. Elizabeth Frances Sey Hall Polling Station
3. Alexander Kwapong Hall Polling Station
4. Hilla Limann Hall Polling Station
5. Jubilee/ISH Polling Station
6. Legon Hall Polling Station
7. Mensah Sarbah Hall Polling Station

8. Akuafo Hall Polling Station

9. Commonwealth Hall Polling Station

10. Volta Hall Polling Station

11. Law Faculty Polling Station (For All Non-Resident Students and Members of Pent, Evandy, TF and Bani Halls)

12. Accra City Campus Polling Station (For Accra City Campus and Distance Education Students).

13. Korle-bu Campus Polling Station

The guidelines are as follows:

1. The voting shall be by Electronic Verification and Manual Balloting meaning a software shall be used to verify your eligibility to vote as a student, and you shall proceed to vote manually using ballot papers.

2. The means of Identification for each student shall be by the School’s ID Card. Hence, No I.D Card, No Vote. This shall apply to all polling stations including Accra City Campus and Korle-bu Campus. Provisional I.D Cards shall be used for students without I.D Cards.

3. The time for the voting for each polling station shall be 8am to 5pm exactly. All students in the queue before 5pm shall be allowed to vote. After this, there shall be a preliminary count and provisional polling station results declared at the various polling stations by each returning officer (i.e the JCR Electoral Commissioners). The ballot boxes shall then be transported to the SRC Union Building for final provisional results to announced.

4. Anyone with issues on the Elections is mandated to file a complaint with the Electoral Commission before 48 hours after declaration of provisional results, and undergo the neccesary constitutional requirements if the case need be.

Find the necessary voting procedure below;
1. Each student shall go to the designated polling Station with their ID Card or Provisional ID Card for verification.

2. You move on to the Designated Electoral Authority at the polling station for 3 ballot papers, one for each portfolio, and to be marked with the indelible ink.

3. You then move to the Secret Voting Booth to cast your votes.

4. After casting votes, each student shall then move to drop the ballot papers into their respective ballot boxes i.e the Presidential Ballot Box, the General Secretary Ballot Box and the Treasurer Ballot Box.

5. You then move out of the polling station and come back after 5 pm for the count of the ballot papers.

– There should be no campaigning within a 100-metre radius of any polling station.
– Votes that are cast and visibly cross the margin between 2 candidates are considered rejected ballots.

For any other further enquiry, contact the Electoral Commission on 0506512167, 0264952856 or 0208894999, or you can locally contact the Electoral Commissioners of the various JCRs.

Tomorrow’s elections shall be free, fair and transparent. Let’s all come out in our numbers and cast our votes for our preferred candidates as #UGDecides.

Issued By the Electoral Committee.

For the full list of qualified candidates, See Also: #UGDecides’18: The EC Declares New Date For The SRC Elections 

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