8 Hidden Benefits Of The Palm Fruit Used In Making Palm Nut Soup That You Didn’t Know About

Abenkwan (palm nut soup) is a traditional Ghanaian soup that is very common in the Ghanaian community. It is made from the palm fruit, an assortment of spices and a variety of meat and fish.

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Initially, everyone is drawn away from palm nut soup probably because of the calorie content it might have.

But then again close your eyes to all of the oil you see because there are actually some good things about the palm fruit used to make the palm nut soup

These are reasons why the palm fruit used in this soup makes this traditional soup more than just a local dish.

Loaded With Antioxidants

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With a sufficient amount of Vitamin E, rarely found tocotrienols and being loaded with anti-oxidants, palm kernel oil provides amazing anti-ageing benefits. It prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. It is capable of providing protection against harmful UV rays and other toxins. Therefore, it is wise to include palm kernel oil in your diet. It will keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Unsaturated Fats

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The palm kernel oil is an amazing source of healthy unsaturated fats as well as medium chain fatty acids. This is what makes it perfect for use as a cooking medium. Moreover, these qualities make it ideal for healthier skin, bones and joints.

Rich in Vitamin K

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Vitamin K is one of the most important fat-soluble vitamins that the body requires. It boosts bone health and also acts as a blood coagulant. Palm kernel oil contains high amounts of the vitamin and hence, is recommended for regular use.

Zero Trans-Fat

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This is another great benefit of palm kernel oil. This amazing oil does not contain any Trans-fat and is considered the ideal cooking oil for those looking to shed extra pounds.

Contains Vitamin A

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Another important benefit of palm kernel oil is that it is loaded with Vitamin A. This vitamin is required for proper vision. Vitamin A also prevents the occurrence of different eye disorders, like night blindness.

Filled With Nutrients

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In addition to containing important fat-soluble vitamins, palm kernel oil also has high nutritional value. It has numerous nutrients that are essential for maintaining good health. The presence of palmitic acid, considered as a 16-carbon saturated fatty acid, makes it distinctive from other cooking oils amongst other vitamins like A and K.

Improved Hair Growth

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Palm kernel oil shows amazing results in hair growth. It provides thorough conditioning, thickens hair, and reduces hair loss by making it stronger.  If the kennel is used as a hot oil treatment, it provides a soothing effect along with the desired nourishment.

Naturally Soft Skin

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Besides the amazing anti-ageing benefits provided by the palm kernel, it also makes the skin naturally soft and glossy without it giving off a greasy appearance. This is the reason the oil is a key ingredient in many soap bars and skin creams. It also provides relief to ragged cuticles and itchy skin.


Palm kernel oil provides comprehensive benefits that are often overlooked. It not only improves skin and hair but also has significant nutritional benefits associated with it.

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