#UGDecides’18: These May Be The Reasons Behind The Postponement Of The SRC Elections

Y’all know the SRC Elections was scheduled for today but then… this happened!

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As is expected, students are wondering why one election has been postponed…twice!

The reason for this postponement was not included in the Electoral Commission’s statement but…we figured it might be because the EC is not ready for the elections.

Remember the reason for the first time the election was postponed?

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Remember the whole back and forth over the EC’s decision to let students vote using the electronic system only?

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Well, after the Judiciary Board ordered that the manual system is used together with the electronic system, the first date for the elections (Wednesday 18th April) was postponed to the next day. It made sense because, obviously, the EC had to get materials and prepare adequately for a stress-free manual system.

Would it be wrong to think the EC is probably still not ready because clearly, the time frame was too short for an EC that protested the manual registration on the basis that there weren’t enough funds to find the money for the provision of materials for the manual elections?

There’s also this: SRC Aspirants; Sir Kingsley, Schandorf, Sly and Ewura Adams in a message yesterday, said “We the undersigned Presidential candidates in this year’s SRC Presidential elections wish to inform the general public that, in the face of many irregularities and breaches pertaining to the upcoming elections, we have filed an injunction on the elections, pending a definite determination by the SRC Judicial Board.”

They went further to ask their followers to avoid any form of campaigning until everything was resolved.

They stressed that this will be for the good of the student body as all they are fighting for is a free and fair election.

Hopefully, we’d find out what the real reasons are by the end of today.

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