Where Is Moesha Boduong And Is Ghana Really Unsafe For People Who Speak Up?


Ok, it is another week and we have another Moesha problem on our beautiful looking hands…lol

God knows there was a lot of anger when a snippet of the Moesha Boduong interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the show Sex And Love Around The World, surfaced on social media.

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People bashed Moesha for claiming that Ghanaian women needed male sponsors to pay their bills because of our economy. That didn’t go down well.

She was trolled on social media and even CNN got its fair share of the backlash.

Since we’ve had our say, CNN’s Amanpour also decided to hit back.

“… it was quite distressing to hear that one of our contributors, Moesha Boduong, has been the target of public shaming by the Ghanaian press and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection. Numerous media outlets in Ghana have taken to villainizing this young woman based on an excerpt of the conversation included in a 1 minute, 30-second video of “Sex and Love,” she wrote in an opinion piece that was published on CNN.

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As the host of the show she had to speak up for Moesha, “I feel compelled to speak up on behalf of our contributor. I want people to recognize Moesha’s right to speak up and the courage she showed by sharing such intimate details about her personal life,” she wrote.

But these lines got us, “As a woman and a journalist, I’m hurt and angry to see such an innocent woman condemned by the press and by many people on social media in this way. It’s to the point that Moesha is not sure she can return to Ghana safely.” 

Yep, Moesha is not sure if she can return to Ghana safely…

That is indirectly telling the western countries to give Moesha a VISA to the US, or to the United Kingdom where she, Christiane Amanpour is based.

But our question still remains… where is Moesha?

That’s because that line suggested that Moesha has not been in Ghana since the excerpt of the interview went viral and that she is also dreading returning to Ghana.

However, a source tells us that Moesha Boduong was spotted near Villagio last Saturday.

Yes, Villagio located in Ghana near the Accra Mall.

If she has been in Ghana since last week, then … well.

There are lots of ways to get a VISA.

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