Vandals And Okpomates Play The Blame Game Over What Really Ignited The Violent Clash On Monday

This week has been scary for some, especially peace-loving members of the Sarbah and Commonwealth halls following the incident at the Sarbah Annex on Monday where Vandals clashed with Okpomates and Fellows of Katanga hall from Kumasi.

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After the police settled things, everyone thought that would be the end but no, it wasn’t. Vandals allegedly went to Sarbah hall sometime at dawn to destroy some property of the hall’s annexe the following day.

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Now, perhaps in respect to the authorities of the University saying they will not hesitate to take disciplinary actions against any student who continues with this “war”, members of both halls have now taken to Whatsapp to battle it out.

The commonwealth hall JCR first released a communique that talked about dissociating Vandals from the image of violence painted by the students and the media.

The message mentioned that when Vandals heard that members of their hall were being harassed for no reason but just because they were moving around campus in their Vandals branded Shirt to the extent that even one was abducted, beaten up and shaved, they lodged a complaint to the Dean of Student Affairs. They insisted that it took the intervention of management of both halls to get the molested Vandal back to his hall safely.

The Vandals stand on the grounds that they did nothing wrong and were merely defending their people from an attack initiated by the Fellows and Okpomates.

Sarbah Hall has also retaliated via another Whatsapp message where they explicitly say that of course “two wrongs don’t make a right” but Vandals should stick to the truth as their motto says: “Truth Stands” and understand that per the ripple effect, they should not be surprised they are facing the consequences of their actions.

The communique written by Kross Montana explains that the whole issue stemmed from a Vandal who posted a video of Vandals slapping a Katangagee. He claims that this was not the first but third time Vandals were seen harassing a Katangagee. So, it is not surprising no matter how bad the issue was handled that the Fellows of Katanga retaliated the way they did.

Both halls do not admit to igniting this “war”, both halls are being defensive and if both halls don’t want to admit who really started this, when will the back and forth end?

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