Timeline: This Is Our Interpretation Of The Ibrah Saga


Guess we’ve all heard about Ibrah.

Well if you haven’t, we got you!

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Ibrah was invited to the police station yesterday in connection with an alleged money laundering scare.

Now let’s tell you how he ended up there.

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Apparently, a guy called Heloo is the cause of Ibrah’s rants.

He reported Ibrah to the police and we’ll tell you why.

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From what we understand, Ibrah and Heloo were allegedly involved in a fraud move.

Well, Ibrah confirmed it.

It looks like they weren’t the only ones involved in the transaction.

Ibrah confirmed this too!

Now, Heloo had to report Ibrah to the police because business between he and Ibrah didn’t work out smoothly.

It looks like he didn’t get his share of the money from Ibrah!


So what do you do when you feel like a nigga is tryna play with your mind and your money?

Heloo went straight to the po-po!

Image result for siren gif

He didn’t even care if he was going down with Ibrah.

Ibrah tried leaving the country to South Africa last night after he was released but he was stopped from leaving the country.

According to the Facebook post we saw earlier, Ibrah is saying he has nothing to do with Heloo’s money.

Image result for i dont know gif

That Facebook story actually talks about 8 persons (including 6 Ghanaians) who were arrested in Ohio due to money laundering.

Ibrah has since been to 7 police stations…

He has also vowed to mention names of others who have been involved in money laundering.

… and we all know Twitter would go wild.


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