Ibrah Seems To Have Lost It; He Has Vowed To Start Snitching!


Kuulpeeps, we have been telling you about how the young Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrah (Ibrahim Dauda) was invited to the police station yesterday.

It’s clear now that he was invited on the basis of money laundering.

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It looks like the millionaire would be going down and man doesn’t want to go down alone… If he is going down, then he is taking a whole lot of people down with him.

Ibrah has decided to mention some names of the people he has worked with in his alleged pretty money laundering business.

See, an entire system has helped him stay in business and if he is going to jail now, he wants to take everybody in the system with him.

First of all, he accused our security system of being corrupt on social media.

Then he went on to say he wants to meet the press.

Because he has evidence!

Then came the first shot!

He then sent out a warning to everyone!

Interpol, by the way, is the International Criminal Police Organization. It is an international organization that facilitates international police cooperation. Think of it as a United Nations for police forces in the world.

If Ibra’s case is really on their radar and an American citizen is involved in a $1.2 million fraud. We bet the FBI will be getting on to this case soon!

Ibrah is hot and he is spreading the damn heat.

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