Have You Met ATU’s Lhard? Take A Look At All You Need To Know About Her

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Hello Kuulpeeps, if you are in ATU then you have probably heard about the upcoming sensational artist, Lhard, who is making headlines with her new banger called Sum)m) Mi (Love Me) ft. Ayatmaq.

Kuulpeeps: How are you doing Lhard?

Lhard: I am good.

Kuulpeeps: Why the name Lhard?

Lhard: Lhard is my middle name which means Sunday in Hausa technically making me a Sunday born. My full name is Mariam Lhard Musa.

lhard ATU

Kuulpeeps: How did you get into singing?

Lhard: I started singing from class five but I didn’t think I will pursue music till I got to JHS 3 when I sang worship and people said I had a good voice.

Kuulpeeps: Was it your crush that told you, you had a good voice way back lol.

Lhard: Hahahaha, No it was both teachers and students in the school.

Kuulpeeps: Okay, for most of our readers who haven’t heard of your music, explain your sound in 5 words for them to understand your genre of music.

Lhard:  Soft, virtual, interesting, inspirational and fun.

lhard atu

Kuulpeeps: If we were to go through your playlist which five songs would we find on your recently played list?

Lhard:  Supermodel (SZA), Tonight (Nonso Amandi), Friends (Anne_Maria), Pour Me Water (Mr Eazi), Hustle (Ebony)

Kuulpeeps: What do you do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing.

Lhard: I like watching movies.

Kuulpeeps: Do you produce your own songs?

Lhard: No, please but I write all my songs

Kuulpeeps: That’s great. Where do you draw your inspiration when writing your music.

Lhard: I mostly draw my inspiration from my surroundings.

Kuulpeeps: Do you ever get nervous?

Lhard: Almost all the time.

Kuulpeeps: So what are the five things you can’t live without?

Lhard:  First of all ALLAH the highest, my radio, food, my mum and my talent.

Kuulpeeps: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Lhard: Ten years from now I will be one of the best female artists in Africa and worldwide GOD willing.

Kuulpeeps: Where can your songs be found if our readers want to listen to it.

Lhard: You can find my songs on SoundCloud (@LHARD GH) for now. My new banger is also available there. A lot of preparation went into it. It’s really great. You should listen to it



Lhard: You can follow me on Instagram @lhardgh also on Twitter @lhardgh and on Snapchat @mariamlhard.

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