UEW: Wondering Who Might Be Performing On Saturday’s Artiste Night?, We Might Have An Idea!

The SRC Rejuvenation week has been one of the best and all-inclusive. Rejuvenation week featured bonfire nights , cookout and car wash all which was started by an awesome launch.

Now, the highlight of the SRC week celebration is the Artiste Night and the SRC Entercom has kept the performing artistes hush-hush but we might have an idea of which Ghanaian artistes we will host on campus this Saturday…let’s call it an EXCLUSIVE! Now we won’t be mentioning any names but we’re going to be dropping hints. Let’s see if you can find the easter eggs.

He’s arguably the king of the streets. He controls the crowd with his many hits and sets them high with music although he might be actually high himself….ALLEGEDLY. Oh! He’s performed on campus before in on of our best artistes night. TAKE A GUESS.

Well, let’s hope he doesn’t confuse y’all with his rockstar stagecraft. He’s an award winning act and one of the best artistes signed to Lynxx Entertainment…oops! Too much information..lol

This artist’s first biggest hit got him into trouble…well not him exactly but it was his song. Whenever you need love call him, he’ll give it to you….

This act is one of the best from the West. He might have an ongoing feud with another from the West too but if you think you he’s not the best rapper please go and hug a transformer.

This duo is a steady force in the industry. They’ve had back to back hits and might give the other acts some pressure. What do you think? Life’s tasty?

So we just might have 5 acts this Saturday and we’re looking forward to having a successful night…hopefully with no rain this time. If you weren’t able to figure out the clues don’t worry. We will have the confirmed list by tomorrow.


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