Legon: Vandals, Okpomates And Katanga Boys Disrupt Peace On Campus Over An Abduction


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There was a clash between the Vandals and Katanga!!!

Yeah! and from the information we gathered, there was a debate that was to be held at the Conference Room of Commonwealth this afternoon. The debate was organized for all halls in the various Universities in the country and the Katanga was one of the halls that were going to compete in the debate.

And as we all know, the Vandals and Katanga are fierce rivals and Katanga going into the Vandal City would surely not end well.

The leadership of both halls knew of the danger that was waiting, so they had a meeting and agreed that Katanga must not undertake any procession into the hall.

It is alleged that as the negotiation was ongoing, a Vandal slapped a member of Katanga and this led to The abduction of an innocent Vandal who was wearing the vandal Lacoste by the Katanga boys.

The abducted Vandal was however sent to Mensah Sarbah main hall, an affiliate of Katanga. A video of the Katanaga boys beating and cutting the hair of the Vandal started circulating and this caused the vandals to come down from the City to rescue their member.

This, however, resulted in the chaos at the Annex A of the Mensah Sarbah Hall.

The Okpomates and the Katanga boys joined forces and it is alleged that they were holding knives, sticks, fire extinguishers and Zoomlion bins filled with stones that were to be used to attack the Vandals who were coming down to Mensah Sarbah Hall to rescue their abducted member. The boys were very rowdy until the police showed up.

According to eyewitnesses, the arrival of the police caused people to change their route to their lecture halls, cars couldn’t move and innocent people were running away like their life depended on it. The experience was very scary. There was no security personnel until the police came in. The police, however, caught two boys at the Annex B of Mensah Sarbah Hall, slapped them and handcuffed them. The rest of the boys went to hide in the girls’ room on the 5th floor.

The place later became peaceful after the abducted vandal was released for the vandals to take him back to their hall.


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