Did Johnnie Hughes Shade Selly Galley At #VGMA2018?


As we all know the VGMA’s is when celebrities, fashionistas and Social Media personalities come to slay. Everybody goes above and beyond for these events; most show up dressed to kill.

And last Saturday was of no exception; as celebrities were coming in and posing for the Glam Cam aka the 360 cameras. Tv personalities were, of course, asking celebrities who they were wearing and Etc, but Johnnie Hughes from TV3 asked Selly Galley a question that has been on most people minds, others may call the question shady but we call it a simple question.

He asked her if “her dress for the night was a promotion dress or was it sponsored”.

In other words, did you pay for this dress or is it slay on borrow Sis. There have been talks surrounding the fashionista world that most of these celebrities never pay for the ensembles they wear to red carpet events.

After asking her that question her response to him was “are you really  asking me this on live Tv?” Yes, SIS, he is asking you, so did you pay for it or nah? But in case you were wondering where her dress was from, it is by the one and only SIMA BREW.

However, nothing takes away from the fact that she looks AMAZING; she boldly pulled off the risque high thigh split.

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