#UGDecides18: A Student Is Looking To Impeach The SRC President And His Vice For Violating The Oath Of Office

Daniel Otting Awuah

Prior to the SRC aspirants’ vetting last week, one of the aspirants, Schandorf brought up the issue that the Vetting Committee will have to appoint a Legal Adviser before Vetting can be successfully done.

According to the constitution of the SRC, article 41 (d) which clearly makes the presence of a legal adviser a necessity (by compulsion) for the composition of the vetting committee to be legal. This led many students to speculate that vetting might not take place at all.

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Well, the vetting did happen and it was confirmed that there was an acting Legal Adviser present at the time.

A student of the Mensah Sarbah hall has, however, revealed that he has filed a motion to impeach the current SRC president, Daniel Otting Awuah and his Vice, Moses Baafi Acheampong for violating the oath of office by failing to appoint a legal adviser.

According to Sammy Duku, “the appeals board asked them to consult with EXECOM (the Executive Committee) and appoint [Legal Adviser]. This person had to be brought to the General Assembly’s first sitting for approval per the appeals board ruling. However, this has been woeful violated.”

He insists that the President and his Vice swore to defend the constitution and that includes abiding by the ruling of the appeals board.

He has filed the motion to kickstart the impeachment process but he’d have to wait three days for a hearing by law.

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Sammy Duku is the same person behind the petition to the Vice-Chancellor to protest against the electronic system of voting.

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He explained to Kuulpeeps that he’s still in the process of collating 1000 signatures and also wants like-minded people to contribute to help the EC, since they said manual voting cannot be done due to lack of funds.

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