UEW: Someone Wrote An Open Letter To The SRC President And We’re Like….WHATT?



Dear H. E,


We warmly greet you, Your Excellency.

It is with great disappointment that we write you this open letter.

Some months ago during this same season of student politics, you were on our necks to seek our votes. You never rested: chasing us in our lecture halls, halls of residence, hostels, churches, association meetings, etc.

Students liked your political message, policies and programmes intended to be implemented should you become SRC President. You subsequently succeeded in winning our hearts and votes to become the SRC President for 2017/2018 academic year.

Upon assumption of office, we have been watching your administration closely to see the implementation of your manifesto and promises made during your campaign to students but we have not seen anything yet.

Mr. President with all due respect, we would like to find out the state of the following promises you made to us:

1. Enhanced Wifi Connection on all campuses.
2. Restructured SRC Shuttle System
3. Ensuring that students who didn’t get their pendrives from H.E Jarvis administration get it when you come to power.
4. SRC Cloth
5. Public Address System in large lecture halls
6. Retrieving the remaining SRC bus from a certain company to SRC; just to mention a few.

It is clear you don’t have any answer to the above because *you have failed* as a leader to implement them.

To cover up your failure and inability to perform functionally as an SRC President, you have resolved to do something to represent something by all of a sudden buying just *30 ordinary dustbins* to be branded in the name of SRC for students.

*What good will 30 ordinary dustbins do to about 20,000 students population who are going through unquantified challenges on campus with the aim of obtaining an academic award?*

Isn’t there enough dustbins on campus? Oh! We forgot you have told the Sanitation workers to hide them so that only the SRC branded dustbins will reign. Aaaaaahba! Will you call this an achievement?

We put it to you that the purchase of the dustbins is an unbudgeted expenditure. How can you use our monies for things Local Assembly of SRC has not approved of in the budget of SRC.

Please with all due respect we are disappointed in you H.E. Patrick Agyei.

What do you take us for? Garbages to be thrown into your dustbins? We deserve more than this Mr. President.

We are openly warning you to return the dustbins to wherever you purchased it from because we don’t need them and we will destroy them should you place them on campus.

We thought we were voting for a Saviour of SRC not knowing it was the devil in a sheep clothing.

You are a failure Patrick Agyei!
You are a wolf and a scavenger of SRC!
You a hypocrite, who have deceived students!

It isn’t your fault to deceive and fail us but the fault of dumbed and timid UEW students who are afraid to demand accountability from their leaders.

Until your promises are fulfilled as in your manifesto, we don’t need anything from a failed and disappointed SRC President.

We will rise against you in no time for all your failures and deceit. Don’t say we didn’t warn you – UEW students will rise to demand accountability.

Thank you.

Yours in Student Service,

————-Signed ————–
*Students Accountability Forum*
Email: [email protected]

#Patrick Agyei is a failure
# SRC must be accountable
# SayNoToCorruptionInSRC

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