UEW: Don’t Allow These Students Go Shirtless Infront Of Your Girlfriend

Warning! We are not to be held responsible if your girlfriend enters the following people’s DMs. We are just doing our work and not here to set thirst traps for people.

While you were eating boxes of pizza and coke with bae, these people were training. While you were sleeping in, they were training and don’t you dare use lectures as an excuse because they also have lectures to attend too.

Allow us to show you five student bodybuilders whose DMs your baes will be slipping into soon.

Kobby Max

The level 300 BBA student has been turning heads on campus and many are left wondering how he fits that body into the prescribed BBA blue and white shirts…ah well! He’s a personal trainer and oh…he’s walked several runways and is a photo model too.

Citizen Mikel

Mikel Adade is a third-year Early Childhood student and already we’re scared for the children he will be teaching next semester for his internship. Lezzgo Sir Abode3.


Going through Castro’s profile, we regretted chunking that pizza during the Easter break…why?? Castro is a third year Arts student who chunks metals instead of food.


We’ve seen before and after pictures of  Abass and we now believe hard work pays off. The ripped hunk is a level 300 Procurement student.


The only second-year student on this list is Geography’s Benjamin Nkansah. Who said all bodybuilders are “ugly”. Show them bruh!


Now to Mr. Strongest himself! UEW’s Strongest 2018, Kulbila Agyarko Samuel is a third year Arts student and he’s got enough pecs to spare…atell you!

After seeing this, let’s see how you rush these carbs! Oh! Check bae too..lol

Bigups Dominic Clockwise!

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