Please Read This If You’re….SHORT

Whether you’re petite, cute, little or whatever is politically correct these days, (we just can’t keep track) then fashion is important. Maintaining a good fashion reputation is warranted even if you’re not model-type long! Here’s how!

Avoid multi coloured attires.

Stick to as few coloured clothes as possible. Whether you are short or not, looking like a walking rainbow is never a good look.

Wear what fits you.

Wearing over-sized clothes does not do you any favours. Watch what you wear. Nothing too big, nothing too small. Know your size and stick to it.

Keep it simple, keep it classy.

Don’t overdo it. The simpler the better. Trying to throw too many things into an outfit will not work for it. As little accessories as possible, not too much makeup should do the trick.

Ladies, Wear Heels!!!!!!!

They were made for you. Wear them. It doesn’t matter what inch heels they are. Rock itttt. The longer the inch, the better. Avoid chunky shoes. Just stay away from them. Keep them out of your closet. Just, don’t do it!!!

Little-little we will get there…..( pun was heavily intended). Lol

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